Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/17/15 This Week in Writing

This week has been pretty great as far as writing. I began a new WIP. The one I finished last week is now on the back burner. I find giving a first draft some time to breathe--and myself some time to take a few deeps breaths too--is essential. In another couple weeks, I can tackle that first draft with clear eyes, an open mind, and a big red pen.

The biggest change of this week was my decision to become an independent author and self publish my works. I weighed the pros and cons and eventually went with my gut feeling on it. It's a different direction for me, but it's something I've always wanted. So now I'm self-employed. I'm my own boss.

In doing this, I have set aside deadlines as I have always worked better with them.

And that first draft WIP I mentioned? I have given it a projected release date, a title, and a cover. Please allow me to introduce Caution to the Wind, the first book in my new Elementals series.

The release date I have set is April 14th. 


Loren Bramley was no one--at least, that was what she'd grown up believing. She was unimportant. Even having superpowers didn't give her an edge. 

Then Loren meets a hooded vigilante with superpowers of his own and ties to one of the richest families in the country.

"We're going to save the world."

Suddenly, Loren is pulled into their lives. She is the one they've been searching years to find, the last of the four Elements--and she is the key to saving the world... or destroying it.

Can she throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into her new calling, or will she be the pawn in a mad quest for power?

She wanted to be important, but not like this. Never like this.

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