Friday, February 13, 2015

Inspiration Station: All Aboard!

Inspiration comes in the strangest forms sometimes. In this case, my husband.

It's surprising, perhaps, because he's not a huge literary buff. Oh, he likes to read sometimes, certain books or series and I hate to admit he's read more than I have lately. If someone were to ask him specific questions about literature, he most likely wouldn't know a thing.

But he does know a good story when he hears it. When I throw him the premise or possible thought process, he brings the inspiration train right out of the station and on its course.

He's my favorite person to bounce ideas off of--and he has quite a few good ones. Just earlier today, he helped me to flesh out the characters, plot, and setting of the new work in progress I'm jumping headfirst into very soon.

It's invaluable help and every bit of it is cherished.

So, what inspires you? Is there someone who takes your ideas and runs with them, bouncing back good ideas themselves? Does music inspire you? What gets your process going?

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