Friday, August 7, 2015

Family Needs Help to Bury U.S. Veteran

This is my father, Friend Southerland. He passed away Friday, July 31st at the VA Hospital in Lexington KY. Losing a loved one is never easy--especially when financial situations complicate making funeral arrangements. Due to circumstances, my father had canceled his insurance policy, therefore we are struggling to find the money to pay for his burial.

Because he was a Veteran, he can be buried at Camp Nelson National Cemetery here in Kentucky with minimal cost, however the service and other funeral obligations need to be paid before we can do anything.

I'm reaching out to people for donations. This man was a good and honest person and we need to give him the respect he deserves in his final send off. In lieu of any flowers, please contact the funeral home listed above. Please send donations. We need roughly $4500.

I hate asking people for help, but this is very important. Any help is very much appreciated. Please help support one of our Veterans, and help me and my family through this tough time.

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