Monday, December 21, 2015

Introducing--Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance - Coming Soon


Genre (s): Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, LGBT (Lesbian)

Her death was deemed an accident but Erin knows the truth–she was murdered by something sinister, something she and her sister awakened with an Ouija board one ill-fated night. Now a ghost haunting the house, Erin tries to warn her family of the dangerous entity, but how can she reach out to the ones she loves when they can’t see or hear her?

When her grief-stricken family moves out, leaving the home for sale, Erin has a new challenge–to warn the new owners about what lurks in the shadows.

Enter Grace, a charismatic and talented medium who sees and hears Erin. Grace is unlike anyone Erin has ever met before and a whole new problem presents itself… Can she keep her from harm and earn her love? Can there be love in the afterlife?

If there’s even a ghost of a chance, Erin will take it.

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