Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Coming Soon - Free Fall

Book Two of the Elementals Series

Loren is in way over her head.

With the portal stones destroyed, she knows there’s no way back to Earth. They’re trapped in Kahsh, a world where dragons and magic exist, and danger lurks in every shadow. It’s a world in sore need of leadership and there’s only one true ruler left to conquer it—Loren.

As the heiress in a long established royal line, it’s up to her to unite the people and bring peace back to their war-torn land. In order to do so, she must overcome her severe uncertainty, learn to use her powers properly, and survive the harsh environment.

But her problems are only beginning. Suspicions of a returning dark threat, a close betrayal, and an unexpected love triangle push Loren to the breaking point.

Can she handle these obstacles, or will she free fall into demise?

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