Monday, January 4, 2016

Cover Art - Whoa!

Sometimes, when I'm laboring with a photo editor, trying to make some kind of eye-catching, interesting, and professional-looking cover art for my novels and novellas, I get discouraged. I've never been a very artsy type of person. I've never been creative in drawing, or art or anything of that nature.

And to do it digitally? Well, that was just impossible.

But I find myself trying and forever lamenting that my covers are not so great. That they look awful. That they aren't in the same caliber as some professional covers out there.

And then I scroll through Twitter. I see people tweeting and retweeting their cover art, or the cover art of other authors and I can't help but go "whoa". Not because the cover art is so spectacularly stunning, but because of its simplicity.

It really brings it all into perspective for me. My cover art isn't all that bad after all.

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