Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reading Order of the Elementals Series

I have received a couple questions regarding the reading order of the series. I tried to make it clear to readers, but I will list the books here.

Caution to the Wind, Book One of the Elementals Series
Unearthed, an Elementals Tie-In Novella vol 1
Wildfire, An Elementals Tie-In Novella vol 2
Free Fall, Book Two of the Elementals Series (currently unreleased)

Wildfire -- Excerpt

After being gone for just about forever on my blog, I finally have an excerpt for readers.

Wildfire is a part of the Elementals series. It is a tie-in novella, the second volume, which takes place after the first novel of the series, Caution to the Wind.

Check out the link below to read the excerpt on my website.

Excerpt of Wildfire