Monday, July 11, 2016

Definition of Disappointment

I can't count the number of blog posts and articles I've read in my search to uncover just how to become a popular author. And by popular I mean having a steady stream of sales--however small.

I've done everything suggested from these articles--those geared toward free promotion, because I'm on a very limited budget when it comes to promotions. I've had business cards made and I've left them with every person I know. I've contacted dozens of review sites and blogs, only to be rejected a dozen times as well. I've made sure to have quality work and an eye-catching cover and blurb for my books. I've made a website, I've made a blog. I post on Twitter, on Facebook, on Tumblr. I've asked those that have read my books to post reviews if they liked it, to tell their friends. I've emailed press releases to local and pertinent newspapers and print media. I've done contests to give away books, I've even done free promotions for my works too.

And I've met with very little success.

Short of putting in hundreds of dollars--of which I do not have--into placing ads in newspapers, or other promotional materials and campaigns, I'm at a loss. How exactly does an indie author on a budget of nil expect to make something of themselves in a highly competitive market?

You don't.

That's exactly what I've surmised. They say you get back what you put into something, but that's not true. All these so-called helpful tips I've read have done very little in getting me sales, or readers. I feel like I'm completely overlooked, drowning in a sea of thousands and thousands of authors and books that push me through the waves and into mediocrity.

I used to be idealistic. I used to think my book would speak for itself and success would be found immediately. Then, I grew more realistic. And I've remained realistic for years. I don't expect hundreds of sales or dollars every month. I'm no high profile famous author. I'm not Stephen King.

But I am a good writer and I have good stories, and people do enjoy them. And I've done what I can to get my books out there.

Yeah, I guess you could say I'm a little jaded. I'm tired of trying and getting nothing in return. And I'm tired of all these how-to success posts that do very little to help anyway.

The bottom line I guess is this: You can read all the articles and blogs you want and follow their examples to an absolute... but it doesn't guarantee success at all.

And that's the very definition of disappointment.

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